if you ever find yourself in Lansing, MI…

When I was home over the holidays I ate at some fantastic new (or at least new to me) dining establishments in Lansing, Michigan and feel compelled to mention them here.  Should you ever find yourself in that vicinity, do yourself a favor and check them out.

My first night home my brother took our family out to Fork in the Road where they are all about locally-sourced food and feature daily specials based on what’s in season and readily available.  I had their “Ballin’ Ass Tacos” which lived up to their name and finished the meal with Buttermilk Brown Sugar gelato.  Unfortunately we were all so hungry I totally forgot to take photos before we dug in.  I can assure you it was as pretty as it was tasty.

The next morning my bro and a few friends and I got breakfast at Golden Harvest in the Old Town section of Lansing.  I was forewarned before we went that there would be a cold wait outdoors (the restaurant is tiny with perpetually full seating for about 25), that the music would be loud once we got inside, that the punk/goth staff was prone to cursing at patrons, but that the food was exceptional.  All were true.

I had the “Yard Sale” French Toast special which featured pumpkin pecan, vanilla custard, and berry French Toast:


My bro had some sort of chorizo breakfast burrito dish:

I don’t remember what his friend had but it also looked delicious:

If you can handle a loud soundtrack that goes from Salt N’ Pepa to the White Stripes to Johnny Cash to David Bowie and are not distracted by busy decor or offended by body piercings and multiple tattoos on the waitstaff then this is definitely a place worth checking out.  The food did not disappoint.

After stuffing ourselves there we popped over to the Soup Spoon Cafe for a Michigan-brewed craft beer.  Their food menu also looked wonderful but we were way too stuffed to eat a bite.  Next time I’m home I am definitely going back for food though because the soup list alone looked incredible and I know that they also are into locally-sourced food which is great in my book.  I’m so proud of my little section of the mitten state!

4 thoughts on “if you ever find yourself in Lansing, MI…

  1. That’s the Killer Breakfast Sandwich at the Harvest. (It’s a weekend special–I tend to go between that, the Chronic Omelet, and the veggie burrito on weekends.) And trust me, you want to hit the Spoon for dinner–the regular menu and specials are to die for, amazing wine list, great cocktails (ask Kevin to make you a bacon drink. Trust me) and if you luck out and get Erik, Lindsay, Michelle, Michelle, Keisha, Heather, [et al] for your server, you’re in for a treat.

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