the rest of what i ate last week

Dim sum from Ping’s Seafood:

Bubble tea from Teariffic:

Other things I ate but neglected to photograph:

Bibimbap, scallion seafood pancake, and bbq pork at Kangsuh Restaurant.

Kosher pickle, matzoh ball soup, and potato latke at Ben’s Delicatessen.

Half a grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of creamy parsnip soup at The Green Table in Chelsea Market.  While in the market I saw a judge from Iron Chef.  I was super excited and remembered what it’s like to pass a celebrity in daily life which is not uncommon in NYC.  When I saw an actor at a sample sale twenty minutes later I wasn’t even fazed.

There was so much more I wanted to consume while back in New York but just didn’t have the time or space in my stomach for it.  Next time!

This weekend I am hosting a little Christmas party so will be preparing some serious drinks and appetizers for the occasion.  Will share those recipes with you next week, so please check back for that.


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