a gluttonous feast

Now that leftovers are all gone I thought I would post some images of my Thanksgiving dishes.  Am already feeling a slight nostalgia for the day that was…

There were cheddar herb biscuits:

Cornbread and sausage stuffing:

 Corn pudding:

Sweet potato casserole:

Brussels sprouts and carmelized shallot hash:

Cranberry-apple chutney:

The star of the day, salted herb roast turkey:

Pecan pie with cream cheese crust:

Pumpkin cream pie with (homemade) gingersnap crust:

And cranberry brie pie:

 There was also gingersnap ice cream but I somehow managed to miss taking a photo of it… but I can assure you it was quite good.

It dawned on me when I opened a can of chiles for the corn pudding that it was the first and only can I opened in the entire preparation the meal– everything else was made from scratch from the chicken stock to the pumpkin puree to the pie crusts.  A very homemade Thanksgiving, indeed.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!

This week I will be traveling to New York for work so my posts will likely be images of what I am eating while there.  Will return with regular programming (aka recipes) next week.

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